Heidi Victoria MP

Hon Heidi Victoria MLA

Member for Bayswater District

  • Shadow Minister for Arts and Culture
  • Shadow Minister for Tourism and Major Events
  • Shadow Minister for Consumer Affairs

The Andrews Labor Government’s Minister for Tourism and Major Events dedicated just 27 seconds to tourism in the 15 minutes allowed for his budget speech.

Long known as the “Minister for Soccer”, John Eren is Minister for Tourism & Major Events, Minister for Sport and Minister for Veterans. Seemingly, Tourism & Major Events is a part time role.

Minister Eren’s speech only mentioned Tourism in relation to announcements in his electorate, his sport portfolio and three sentences in his last paragraph. There was no mention of Major Events, other than a passing mention of events in the two largest sports stadiums.

Under Minister Eren:

  • On the three major domestic tourism measures since the November 2014, Victoria has lowest growth of all states in Domestic Overnight Expenditure, second lowest on Domestic Visitor Night, and fourth lowest on Domestic Overnight Trips.
  • In Andrews Labor Government’s first budget they slashed the tourism budget from $88.9 million to just $40.8 million – a 54.1% cut! Victoria has never recovered.
  • In the past year there has been an 11% drop in business day visitors.
  • Victoria has lost major events: The Australian Masters Golf, The Women’s Open Golf to SA, The Ironman Asia Pacific to Queensland, The Logies to the Gold Coast, The 2 2017 Irish football internationals to Adelaide & Perth and The 2017 AFLW Grand Final to Gold Coast. In addition, NSW won the American College Football season opener over us and Labor only managed to secure the Australian Open Golf for two of the next eight years, NSW won the other six.
  • The Minister was caught at PAEC saying the Opposition could have a copy of his award winning Major Events Strategy, but Victoria’s Deputy Secretary of Creative and Visitor Economies, Andrew Abbott, later revealed: “There isn’t a dedicated, published, major events strategy”.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Tourism and Major Events, Heidi Victoria:

“Tourism is clearly an afterthought to this part time Minister, and Major Events isn’t even on the horizon.

“Victoria’s performance on domestic tourism and major events has been horrendous under this Government, and you can see why when tourism only gets 27 seconds from this Minister.

“Is it any wonder the sector is feeling a complete lack of advocacy from the Government?”

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